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Wild Coast Experience October 2011

The Bulungula Homestays recently hosted guests from Brazil and England. The guests experienced the traditional lifestyle of the AmaBomvana and the stunning view of the Nqileni village and the Xhorha River. Nokhuphile’s and Nokhongilasi’s homestays are perched on a hilltop that gives a full view of the Wild Coast landscape – steep mountains, winding rivers, rocky and sandy beaches, the traditional homesteads and the cheerful people.

Interestingly, the guests that stayed at the homestays had initially planned to ‘check out’ the place for a day and then move on to other establishments. However, the ‘checking out’ turned into three nights’ stay as they enjoyed the comfort of the homes and the hospitality of their hosts.

Everything becomes bigger and people become smaller

Nokhongilasi’s homestay played host to Peter Van Lengen of TIBÁ (Intuitive Technology and Bio-Architecture), a Brazil based NGO that imparts knowledge on eco-architecture.

Peter Van Lengen and Tata Ntsundu basking in the sun

Peter got the opportunity to tour the village and interact with builders that were going about their business in the village. He plans to write about his experience in the Bulungula Homestay as well as the building methods that he observed.

The guests with the Olo family

Nokhuphile’s homestay hosted two young Britons that were on their first ever tour of Africa. Describing their experience, they marveled at the beauty of the place, the comfort of their rondavels (a traditional hut that is round-shaped and grass thatched) and the ‘ever-smiling mama’.

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  1. Innocent Qayiso says:

    Wow! nice pics ever, I can see with my eyes that Peter and his friend are very happy to be there and they experienced a lot. Keep on visiting us guys we appreciate that, I don’t even wanna speak about Nokhuphile and Ntsundu they are much greater.

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